Monday, December 8, 2008

lessons from video #2

There will probably be a few improvements over time as I figure out how to produce better math lesson videos for the site. Some tips:
  • Write big! I'm aiming for a letter height that would allow me to have about 7 lines from top to bottom of the video view. Some quick testing seems to show that trying to fit 8 or more lines in results in text that is too small.
  • Don't use fine point markers - use the big ones - also because readability on youtube videos is challenging.
  • Record in short takes, say 1 minute or so each. This allows for easier re-do's when something goes skewampus. I also step out of the frame at the end of each take, and back in at the start, to preserve continuity.
  • Before you start recording, check that the video frame includes the entire area (such as a whiteboard or chalk board) that you want to include.
  • Check for distracting lighting elements, such as reflections, glare, or shadows.
  • Be aware of any branding or slogans on your clothes. I'm wearing a google jacket here, which is ok, but in the future I plan to wear plain colors to avoid any mistaken associations.
The second video (shorter, more readable than the quadratic formula one):


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