Monday, December 8, 2008

paper mocks

Don't you love the amazing top quality design work of aesthetically-pleasing companies like Apple? Don't you wish all websites could implement easy-to-use, nice-looking interfaces that worked on basically every web browser? Me too.

Unfortunately, the nice round figure that is the mathskool budget does not allow for fancy design tools. Hence I present the first slightly-low-tech mock for a video-watching page on mathskool (click to bigify):

The idea is that users can search or browse for videos they'd like to see from the frontpage, and from there arrive at a video-watching page which clearly associates the given math video with supplementary materials, such as links to subsequent videos to watch, other sites exploring the topic, or a PDF of worked example problems. From the same page, users can also view questions and answers based on the topic of the video (there might be more than one video per topic), rate the video or the related questions, or bookmark it as a favorite for easy reference.


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