Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Purdue might require 4 years of HS math for new students

It makes sense for college admissions to require that some incoming students have a better math background, because this has been shown to correlate with how well the students will do, and their chances of actually graduating. You could argue that it seems unfair for a college to require students to complete more math than their high school does, but it's well known that completing the bare minimum at any high school in no way guarantees you admission into any good college. In fact, adding requirements at the college level gives students more flexibility - if they want to get a BA in something non-mathy, they might get away with less math - let that be their choice.

Side note: I find it interesting that articles like this often mention that more math background correlates with better college performance (anyone know of a primary reference for that fact?) Even if teachers find it difficult to articulate exactly why math is good for students, this is a big hint.

Here's the Purdue article:



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