Friday, March 27, 2009

youtube edu

Yesterday google announced the release of the youtube edu channel:

This is a subset of youtube videos devoted to education, primarily for college students.

Clearly, this is a good idea. Education is evolving to work better with modern resources (ie the internet), and this is another step in the direction of connecting great teachers with motivated students.

If mathskool were a business competing with youtube edu, this would concern me greatly :) But it has always been a key element of mathskool that it is a completely free and open service. If youtube makes a better service, it simply raises the standard. I plan to continue contributing to mathskool in my free time, in the hopes that any new features will be useful to students, and at very least encourage others to consider similar ideas or improvements. And the videos have always been hosted on youtube from the start, so that they still gain overall exposure and continue to help students through either site.

It's also important to note that youtube edu is focused on a different audience (college level), whereas mathskool is focused on middle/high school. In addition, the culture of youtube is less interactive than the vision of mathskool. Of course, youtube already has a great community of users, which is an as-yet-unmet prerequisite for a truly interactive mathskool community.

Keep up the good work, open educators!


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