What is mathskool?
mathskool has launched! woohoo

mathskool is for math students

If you're in high school or middle school, or at any level where you're learning algebra, trig, geometry, calculus, probability, or a related topic, then mathskool is for you.

mathskool is a collection of short, focused videos, each covering a single math idea. You can use the mathskool videos to help get past a tricky homework problem, to prepare for a test, to better understand a lesson you just learned, or to learn brand new material.

mathskool is an easy place to ask questions. Every topic in mathskool has its own question/answer board, is attended by knowledgeable math teachers, and provides quality filtering so that the favorite answer appears first - even if it's from another student!

mathskool is for math teachers

mathskool connects great teachers with motivated students, and other interested teachers. As a math teacher, you can share your tricks of the trade to a larger audience. If you're preparing class notes, you can find out how other educators have taught similar material. You can even share sample problems, examples, or data files for other math programs, such as matlab, mathematica, or a graphing program.

mathskool gives you a way to supplement your own teaching with a web link (url) that can be shared in class. If you choose to, you can also use temporary email subscriptions to see questions (and provide answers) through mathskool about the topic you just taught, so you can be sure your students are getting the best answers to questions they might not ask in person.